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“I am Statik, Who do you want to be?”

Am Statik is an exuberant and detail oriented latex fashion and costume company based in London, England started by founder Amy Day

Coming from university with a sculpture and textile surface BA, Amy has no classical fashion background, self taught in the exploration of latex as a material, this gives Am Statik that unique combined look of couture and playful.

The combination of sculpture, fascination with the material and the love of creative couture Am Statik creates a style unique within their designs.

Amy herself wears latex on the club scene and with her persona Amy Statik where she performs in exuberant latex creations. When a customer orders a design from Am Statik you get something made with passion and understanding with care and attention going into every detail.

Am Statik has done shows around the world including coveted Torture Garden, Dominatrix, Alternative Fashion Week and German Fetish Ball where in 2013 Am Statik won Best Fetish Fashion design.

We are about not holding back on what you really want. From a classical little black dress, to a distinct textural costume piece or an all out everything with frills on top!

With such a variety of ready to order pieces which can be mixed, matched and worn in many environments to one off custom character garments, at Am Statik we have a design for you!


                                                                                                                                                                      Image by Matt Christie



“Am Statik really pushes the boundaries when it comes to their latex design, and it pays off; their pieces look so different to other designers' work, and you can tell they give a lot of attention to detail. I've bought a few pieces from Amy over the years and find her service to be quick, with Amy meeting my needs perfectly.” - Maja Stina (Performer)

“I have been buying latex and attending fetish clubs for over ten years. In that time I have always found Am Statik’s work to be inspiring and genuinely creative. Amy has been responsible for genuine innovations in the latex aesthetic, and her work is always individual, beautiful and genuinely different from the more generic trends that others follow. Am Statik is one of the leading lights and most inspirational and unique voices in latex design. Every year I find myself excited see what Amy does next” - Aaron Husain - (Actor)

“Am Statik products have always looked so professional, so it was no surprise when my costume dress and harness came out so fabulously. Very well made and delivered on time. Plus the over all experience was smooth and easy. Very professional, very fabulous and worth every penny.” - Lolo Brow (Performer)



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