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Care information

Latex can be the most amazing material! The feel, the smell, the way it hugs your body! It can also be a bit temperamental. Here are ways to keep your latex super fresh for years to come!


Store in a dry & dark place, folded or hung on a plastic hanger in a dark wardrobe

Keep latex away from metals, especially brass and cheap costume metals, these will permanently stain your rubber with a yellowish brown mark.

Do not use body oils, highly perfumed lotions

Do not put in a washing machine, use boiling water or use a harsh detergent to clean your latex.

Do not Leave to dry in the sun, Put in a tumble dryer or hang on a metal hanger to dry.

Only shine your rubber with a specific clothing shiner or silicone based lubricant.

Keep away from direct sunlight, windows when drying & UV light as it damages it permanently

Latex isn’t good in extremes of temperature, keep away from heat & radiators when drying rubber & cold (e.g storing in the garage)

If you have buckles, rivets or metal finishing's on your latex when you wash it dry them with a tissue or towel  

Pale latex such as white, baby pink, lilac, over time will always discolour in a shade to a slightly more yellowish colour.

Avoid sharp objects especially fingernails, studs and jewellery.

Put your latex on delicately not pulling and tugging at it and using your palms to slide it up your body

Detailed care information

Fill a bath, sink or tub with luke warm water, use a dash of washing up liquid in it to help remove the silicone, sweat & other bodily fluids. Am Statik personally likes an ecological one such as Ecover as it removes the silicone better if you require your latex very clean for storage.

Drip dry your latex on a plastic hanger (over a towel to catch excess drips) away from the sunlight. Allow it to dry on one side before turning inside out, hanging to dry again so that it is dry both inside and out, dusting with talcum powder on the inside layer.
If storing for a longer period use talcum powder over the whole garment fold and store in a dark place.

Shining the latex
Your latex will look more high gloss when you use a shiner or lubricant to give it that slick shine. You can use the same silicone based lubricant you used to get into your latex to shine the outside, this gives a slip to it and stops you from sticking to others. Am Statik's personal preference is Pjur, ID Milllenim, Glide or Eros.
Alternatively use a specific latex shining fluid like BeGloss and Am Statiks favourite Vivishine. This can be buffed on with a fibre less cloth or soft sponge for mirror like finish!
For prolonged shine use a cap or two of Vivishine in a basin of warm water, swish your latex around and allow to drip dry on both sides like washing.

Am Statik does not take responsibility for damage of garments that have not been properly cared for.


Now you can fully enjoy your latex garment and it will last for many years!


Any questions or thoughts regarding latex care you can also contact us.

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